Video Marketing for Social Media

Video Marketing for Social Media

Video Marketing for Social Media is a requirement for any business online who are trying to capture new leads and build up their client base. With the advent of smartphones, users will watch a video 400% more than reading a long page of text which is better viewed on desktops. Videos are a game changer and make a BIG difference when trying to impress new clients as part of your marketing campaigns.

Video will bring your content to life, no matter what business you are and did you know that you can use videos to reach new customers through social media. Adding video to your email marketing strategy can help you share your message in a new, exciting way
Social media is where people are spending their time these days, which is why it’s an essential part of any advertising strategy. If you’re putting out content and want people to actually see it, you need to publish your short videos ads and promote it on social media.


Video Marketing

What we can do for you!

We can custom design your very own Social Media Video Ad that you can upload immediately to Facebook Fan page, Twitter, YouTube or any other video sharing site for your social media Video Marketing campaigns. You can even send the video straight to your Social Media manager to embed in one of their video sharing programs.

We make social videos that turn heads and get you results

social media video marketingAll our videos are created using the VERY latest web technologies which makes sure you stay ahead of your competitors. They are extremely professional looking and will get you results with users being drawn in and responding to the ads. A new product line or save establishing, occasions, sales, and more. Any corporation information is high content for your social media channels or Infographic type Videos are also an incredible way to turn company records and statistics into noticeably shareable visual content material for social media.

Helps Increase Your Email Open Rates

Research has found, that If you have a 1 min or 2 min Video Marketing campaign ( especially with humour ) and then send a notification by email with Video in the subject line, your new and existing clients are more included to open their email as their curiosity levels are heightened. Simply put video is eye-catching and easy to watch which is great for us social media marketers, who need to get their clients messages out quickly.

Video Examples

Please view some of our video examples below created for our video marketing campaigns,



Marketing Tips

To enhance your video marketing you could use our 12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips


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