Spend $1 Earn $149 System ( review )

Passive Income Newbie Training

This Spend $1 and Earn $149 newbie friendly training system that I am reviewing today is perfect for anyone getting into the internet marketing business for the first time and is looking for a way to start earning money quickly but are on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars buying apps and other software to get started.

A perfect way to build up some income to grow your Marketing Business today!

So if your are frantically searching the net for a way to earn a passive income this method is a perfect introduction to learning how to make money online without breaking the bank. You don’t have to worry about building a list and paying monthly fees an autoresponder , you don’t have to worry about affiliate marketing and product lunching either.

The “no list fast cash strategy” video training course that lifts the lid on how to flip domains easily and fast, and generate an incredible return on investment!

This video course will teach you how to buy a ‘Cheap domain’ from one secret site, ( revealed on this course )  and then flip it and sell it on another site for up to 1000% percent profit. It just can’t get any easier than that to start making a passive income today!

But You Want to See Proof That It Works ?

Before you click off the page, this is not a joke, it really works – see below a screen shot of the earnings so far from using this domain flipping system!


Maybe in the past, like I have heard that you can make money from domain flipping, you may even have done other courses or purchased other systems to flip a domain which I have to confess I did  and found out that there are other hidden costs not mentioned in order to flip the domain like paying monthly fees for the sites to sell the domain and I ended up loosing money. Well, this system is different and is something that has been created for newbies so that you can get a start in the Internet Marketing business.

Created by a Newbie for Newbies like you!

The course has been created by a newbie just like you and he has created easy to follow step by step videos which take you through his whole system on how he searches, finds a domain, buys the domain and then sell it for a massive profit. Bobby D has taken the frustration of trying to start online as a affiliate marketer newbie and achieve results quickly.

You may be a very frustrated internet marketers who has done all the courses and tried everything to sell affiliate products from JVZoo or Clickbank and are about ready to throw in the towel because nothing has worked so far. Well, before you throw away all those long hours you have already put into it… this is a perfect product to sell while using this training method by Bobby D

Your ‘ one last try ‘ to make a go of it.

This domain flipping Spend $1 Earn $149  system works like this

  • –  No Previous Experience Necessary
  • ~ No steep learning curve – start as soon as today
  • ~ No list required ~ No paid advertising required
  • ~ Uses FREE traffic to get incredible results

How it works

Step 1

Find a Expired domain

You search for recently expired domains ( Using a simple search criteria )

search for a domain

Step 2

Research  if the Domain has many Backlinks

You need to cross ref a shortlist of domains with backlinks for added value because when you flip a domain that has high amount of backlinks then the higher the value of the domain it will be and makes it very lucrative to sell. For example, this domain name shown below for sale, has 137,900 backlinks making it a highly sort after domain and would be perfect for you to buy and flip at a very high price.


Step 3

Free Domain appraisal / valuation

Take to another site to get a Free Domain appraisal / valuation… (no restrictions) of you domain so that when you advertise it, you can give the real value. So for example the domain name you found is called bitcoinaffiliate  .com  it shows you that the real value is $938 and you can flip it for say $250. The buyer is getting a $250 domain that is worth to them $938 thus increasing your chances of selling it/flipping it.


Then you can list the domain value with the domain name to increase even further the chances of selling the domain to a buyer you are targeting.


list domain value


Step 4

Sell it

Now in the past, when I myself thought it would be a good idea to get into ‘domain flipping’ I was told through various marketing courses in order to sell the domain, I had to list them on Godaddy and Flippa and this is where it got rather expensive,  as you have to PAY monthly listing fees without knowing even if the domain was going to ever sell.

So in the end, I gave up, as it was costing me more than it was to buy the domain in the first place. I was doing all the hard work and research and buying the domains and investing my time for others to profit off me. But with this Spend $1 Earn $149 system, my enthusiasm has returned and I have started to flip domains again. Bobby’s secret method has taught me how to sell my domains without incurring any up front fees using a complete new sales system.


Spend $1 Earn $149 System – Click Here   

Your Bonuses

If you purchase this Training Course Spend $1 Earn $149 System through my link, you will also be getting the following bonuses  – more information on how to get these bonuses will be provided in a word doc on your Buyers dashboard in the Bonus Area.


bonus 1


bonus 2

bous 3

bonus 4

In conclusion

In this unique training course, Bobby D, like you, is also a newbie and basically wanted to come up with a way to circumnavigation the set in concrete systems taught by everyone else. He wanted, like you, to be able to come up with a better system to get quicker results and start putting most of the money into his own pocket instead of giving it away to these expensive third parties.

So to get around this, Bobby D has ingeniously come up with a no any costs up front website to Flip the domain that really does works


Bobby D Works a 14 to 16 Hour Day….Yet Was Able to Flip $111.96 Into $1,571.00 in His Spare Time!


And The Crazy Bobby Dazzler Himself Has Decided to Show You How You Can Do The Same – find out more here


Spend $1 Earn $149 System – Click Here



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