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Search Engine Submission ( SES )

So you’ve built your website and clicked the button to make it live. You type your domain name into the web browser and everything works. Your very excited and decide to let your friends know your website is LIVE and ready to view, so you email them or tell them to go to go to your site and provide the domain name. BUT you then start getting messages, ” I can’t find your website ”  or ” your website is not there, are you sure you gave me the right domain name ?”  You start to panic, and think something has gone wrong and maybe the website that you worked so hard on has been deleted!! How can this happen you ask yourself, and you scramble to login to your computer or smartphone and find your site…much to your relief, it is there… it is what on earth could be happening?

The Answer

The fact is, when you give someone your domain name, the first thing everybody does is type it into the Google or Bing search bar and it comes back with NO results.

Why is this?

The simple fact is Google or Bing search engines do not know your website actually exists because you have not submitted your domain name to their data base. Unless they are told, they won’t show your website domain in a search result.

What next ?

It does not cost anything to submit your domain name to Google or Bing. All you need to do is click on either one of the links below and then simply type in your domain name into the box provided on the page and click submit button.

How long will it take to show?

Usually about 24 ot 48 hours for the search engines to cache your domain.

Submit here

If you want your domain name to show in Google Search engines, click on the follow link

Submit My Domain to Google

If you want your domain name to show in Bing Search engines, click on the follow link

Submit My Domain to Bing







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