New Analytics Academy course: Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

Today, we are introducing a new course in Analytics Academy: Getting Started With Google Analytics 360.Krista Seiden and Ashish Vij Introduce Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 (Video)In this course, you will join instructors Ashish Vij and Krista Seiden as you learn key Google Analytics 360 features such as Roll-Up Reporting, Custom Funnels, Unsampled Reports, and Custom Tables. You’ll gain insight into how you can benefit from reporting with BigQuery and native integrations with DoubleClick products, and we will provide you with real-world examples to illustrate how you can leverage Analytics 360’s features and integrations to drive performance and achieve your business goals. By participating in the course, you’ll learn how to:Set up Roll-Up ReportingAnalyze customer journeys with Custom FunnelsLeverage Unsampled Reports and Custom TablesAnalyze big data with BigQuery ExportEvaluate marketing performance with DoubleClick reporting integrationsSign up for Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 now and start learning today.Happy analyzing!Posted by Helen Huang & The Google Analytics Education Team

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