My Story

First of all welcome to my site. I hope that you browse through the various page and find something that is of use to you in the web marketing arena.

My background:

I was born and raised in Ireland and came to moved to Australia with my family after I finished my formal school education at 18 in 1985. I then attended Edith Cowan University and completed a B.A. in management and learned about dealing with local Governments.

I love living in Australia and am proud to be a Aussie but I still cherish my Irish roots too!

How it all Started:

Back in 1997, I realised that there was a NEED for good web designers to be able create a website for local businesses.

I remember looking at the local YELLOW pages and looking at the ads and see that so MANY ads did not have a website address. AND I decided at that time, what a great Niche market to tap into. I had up to time taken a number of courses to learn Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Word, and had been playing around with computers for years and was quite confident and optimistic that I could learn to become a good website designer.


For all those of you  now using Worpress, Drupal or Wix  to build your websites, it seems easy but  when I started out, there were no such things as drag and drop page builders like these, there was no easy to use templates where you drop your content into it. At that time there was no other way but to write websites in HTML – long handed. I had to go to night class after hours and learn HTML and then learn how to build a website with pure code. As you can imagine, this was very time consuming and slow to create a web page. And to say the least the web pages looked VERY basic.

During this time, there was no high speed internet access ( ADSL ) we only had dial up,  meaning we could only design very basic websites with very small images as the line speeds were simply not fast enough to have anything fancy. There was no videos, no audio and if your were lucky you could splash out on a software programs and create Gifs or Swish designs to be able to get being some sort of eye catching  movement into the site. Once I added a ticker tape text that ran across the top of the page and thought that was really amazing!!

I then Started my own Web Design Business:

I then set about setting up my own web design business called ‘ Arakhne Web Design ‘  — thinking it was a cleaver name as it was beginning with A — top of the list – and there was an association with Arakhne  – Latin for spiders and web — a for web design. but it was NOT a good idea — as I soon found out that there are a lot of people with Spider Phobias and they were not responding to the name. Soon after that I changed the business name to a more user friendly one called ‘ YaZoogle ‘ –

yazooglea combination of Yahoo and Google both emerging in the internet. Getting the first client was the hardest but soon things moved on and I found if I did a good job I got more clients —  the more satisfied clients you have they WILL pass on your good name and then they will start phoning you rather than the other way around. I was very lucky as I was in an emerging market and there was a real need for my services.

Still Learning and Upgrading My Knowledge:

During this time, I also evolved as a better web designer, by investing in the very latest web design technologies such as Adobe Macromedia which came out on the market and I had to start from scratch and learn a whole new way of creating websites. I also learned CSS, PHP, and even though I was NOT writing websites in pure HTML anymore, I still used that knowledge, ( and was grateful I had it )  as I always had to sort through the web pages in PURE code view in Dreamweaver and had code some  sections especially when inserting dynamic elements or plugins.

Smart Technologies:

During the last few years, website technology has come a long way and as we are expected to be able to build website for all devices – PcS, Smartphones, laptops, Ipads, Tablets and so on. This was the next step my web design revolution.

It was a challenge ,but with more software upgrades and late night working after hours taking online courses, I have been building custom designed websites for my clients who are also able to login and make changes. I even moved into the eCommerce area and build eCommerce websites for clients who want to run their own business from home or as an adjunct to their physical shop.

Web Marketing SEO & Social Media:

After the website went live for my clients, I was able to offer them the opportunity to be found in Google and other search engines for targeted key words related to their industry. I had by now also learned how to become a SEO web marketer realising the importance of offer this as an ad on service because as I explained to my client  ” there was no point paying all this good money for a website if no one knows you exist on line ”

As part of their SEO – it was important to create their social media presence and this meant I created them a Facebook business page, Google+ business page, YouTube business account added them to Google Maps and opened up their Twitter account.

Social Media Manager:

Having gained expert knowledge in the Social media area over the past few years, I moved into the ‘ Social Media Manager ‘area –  this meant that if a business has a facebook fan page ( business page ) and was struggling to find content to fill it, so that it is interesting to their users I could manage their social media pages for them

And it was not any ordinary content, because I had invested in a program that could analysis in real time the very latest VIRAL content from around the world for ‘target key words’ in the form of Viral ( Highest shared / liked  content ) including  Videos, images, Text content –  This helped their business by increasing the new likes by new users and then in turn drove new clients to their websites and then to their business as customers.

Down turn in Website Clients:

After 16 years in business, unfortunately there has been a downward trend in getting a professional web designers to build a website locally in Australia. The sad fact of life is that we live in a Global market and I have been squeezed out by cheaper overseas web designers that can offer the same design servers at lesser cost. I could debate all day about how one may think they are saving money by getting a cheaper website, but in the end they are NOT saving money because they are dealing with sub contractors within sub contractors and have no direct contact with the web designer which means unfortunately they will never get a website they had in mind.


Also, any follow up changes will take weeks to make… but I won’t go on about it as it is very frustrating that some follow the cheaper option having no idea what they are going down a very slippery road and never end up satisfied with the website they ended up with.  AND they cannot complain to any authority  as it is outside the rules and regulations of their country.


So What Next ?

Having been in business since 2001, I have a never give up attitude  — I have adapted over the years -by upgrading my business, by offering more and more services including

  1. Domain registration
  2. Web hosting
  3. Web Design
  4. Search Engine
    Submission (SES)
  5. Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO)
  6. eCommerce websites
  7. Facebook Fan Pages
  8. Google+
  9. YouTube
  10. Google Places
  11. Twitter
  12. Pinterest
  13. Social Media Management
  14. Graphic design services – logos – business cards- flyers
  15. Adobe Photoshop
  16. WordPress Expert
  17. Elementor Page Builder

Affiliate Marketing:

in 2018, I created this blog called JoanneSmithMarketing to create product reviews and give tips on everything to do with Internet Marketing!

How I Trained as an Affiliate Marketer

In the past year, I have completed many Affiliate Marketing Training courses and one of the very best has been a marketing course called The  Super Affiliate System  gave me the step by step training on how to grow as an internet marketer such as creating a email list, how to build your review blog ( like this one ) how to find and promote products that do make you an extra income.

I also completed another fantastic Affiliate marketing online training course by top marketer, Michael Chaney, called The Commission Machine. Here I learned the many processes of becoming a great internet marketer in the making money online (MMO) niche and why you should never give up if you have failed the first few times you have tried known as the shiny object syndrome. There is also some great tips on how to use Facebook as a FREE source of traffic to your products and not break the rules on FB and save yourself for not getting banned and loose your account.

Digital Product Reviews

I will also be creating digital product reviews. There will be a Video showing you what the product does and the good and bad points ( if it has any ) and a link to get the product on the vendors sales page. These Reviews will be affiliated products and I may get a small commission if you click the button to purchase the product.

View my latest product reviews here

I will also be providing custom lessons and tutorials created by me. Some of them will be FREE to access and some of them will have a small fee to access to cover my expenses to make the video and host it on my server.

My Promised Freebie

Today, I have a amazing FREEBIE to offer you.

Because you have followed my post, or just taken the time to read it today, as a big thank you, I want to offer you the chance of learning how to run an successful online business with big potential $500 to $1000 pay days selling High Ticket Items and other aff products.

It  is an FREE online training course that only has one aim: to help you build your very own 6-Figure online business from scratch. Even if you have no online experience whatsoever. Here’s what they are willing to provide you for free to help you achieve it:

Free Training to start your own business online

It Includes:

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Yes, I Give me access to the FREE Training !!   


Thank you:

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, I hope that you found this information useful and that you will be inspired to watch / read my review pages and take advantage of my lessons.

Finally, I will be updating this website weekly, so please come back every so often to find out what is new!

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