Internet Marketing – 4 Ways to Help Grow Your Business Online

Internet marketing strategies I’ve got four tips here and there not in any particular order meaning they all as important as one another.

If you implement these powerful strategies they can have a profound effect on your business grow. So let’s get cracking Number one is Email Capture. Most people who visit a website (about 99% apparently), leave without doing anything, buying, calling or signing up to a newsletter. And once they are gone you’ve lost your chance to market to them in the future.

Meaning that only around 1% convert into a lead or customer. These are general stats across the whole internet so your site could perform better than this already. To raise that conversion rate to as much as 20%, offer a free give-away and add a clear call to action on your home page or better still at the end of your home page video to sign up for the free offer. You need to setup a lead capture form and ask for their name and email in return for the offer. The free give away could be a report, or a video training series, just make sure the content appeals to your target market. And if they choose to sign up, you’ve now turned them from a visitor into a lead. You can start a dialogue with them over email. The next step is to setup what’s called an auto responder email sequences using pre-written emails that get sent at pre-determined intervals, offering more value over time. Keep these emails text based, short and chatty.

These are the types of emails we are used to receiving from our friends and colleges so they feel more familiar and less salesy. It normally takes 7 points of contact to build trust, so don’t jump in and ask for a sale straight away. After say 10 value emails you could offer a time sensitive discount on a product or service. Only do this when you feel they have received a lot of value from you and you have built their trust. Number two is effective Copy writing.

Writing effective copy is probably the most important of all internet marketing strategies. These copywriting techniques should be used for your web site copy, videos scripts, blog articles, emails and direct mail marketing. Think of your typical prospect or customer and write as if you are talking to just that one person and you’re pitching an idea over a coffee. This makes the reader or viewer feel more involved. Keep the copy chatty and jargon free. The viewer is always thinking “what’s in it for me”? so tell them! Instead of using the word ‘we’ use the word you’ a lot. For example Are YOU looking for a software provider YOU can trust?… In this last example we pose the problem that person has as an opening line. Then you can elaborate by identifying a pain point, some reason they have found it difficult in the past. This helps them to identify with you as they feel understood. Then you can offer the resolution, your product or service. Back up features with benefits. A great looking website is a feature. If that website converts viewers into leads and then into customers and that makes you more money that’s the benefit.

Ok so the next 2 strategies are online video and can really make the difference in your business. Number three website videos. Now did you know YouTube gets over 5 billion daily views and is the worlds 3rd most visited website? 80% of people will watch a website video, compared to 20% reading the same content on that page. And people are 64% more likely to buy online after watching a video. Those are awesome stats that show that YOUR customers LOVE video! So, give them what they want! Just by adding video to each of your website pages you could increase their effectiveness. Also make sure it is above the fold, so users don’t have to scroll down to see it.

Keep your website videos short around 90 sec. Only cover one topic per video. Make sure that you have a clear call to action at the end. for example signing up to a free offer. In the call to action tell them what they can get, why they should get it (the benefit) and how they can get it.

Number four is YouTube Value Video. Use can use Youtube to drive traffic to your site by creating value videos like this one. People are searching YouTube for answers so make videos helping your target market with the topics you’re an expert on. You can do keyword research to find out what people are searching for and make videos to match those keywords.

You need to optimise the videos so that they rank. You will also need your own landing page with name and email capture and no other navigation to distract the visitor. This is an effective way of converting a viewer into a lead, Use autoresponders to offer more value as mentioned earlier. These are just a few powerful internet marketing strategies which will really boost your online presence.

If you found this helpful please contact me to help you further with promoting your business online.


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