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Instant Content and Authority In Any Niche 100% for FREE WP plugin!

One of the easiest ways to earn full-time income from home is through affiliate marketing. You are the one in control so you can make it as big or as small as you want with no boss telling you what to do. The possibilities are endless as far as the products and services you can choose to promote.

The 3 Steps of Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: Affiliate Product

Need Something to promote like and offer or a product in you niche. This is the easy step as you can sign up with hundreds of not thousands of vendors who are willing to have you resell their product for a % of the sale.

Step 2: Traffic

You need to Send TRAFFIC to what ever you promote. Traffic is everywhere including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.

Using Social media along side your Business website is a great way to push traffic back to your website.

Step 3: Sales

You need visitors to take action and purchase your product. Include on your website, the product review – show how it works and what it does.

What this plugin will do for you!

This is a fantastic WordPress plugin for Internet Marketers (IM) to be able to get more traffic and clicks to their website sales or squeeze pages who don’t have any content or have a hard time writing reviews on their site.

How it works!


Watch my Demo Video Below

If you have a product in a niche market to promote but don’t have enough content on your site to drive traffic to the product, this plugin will drive the content of another website you found online related to your niche to a page you created on your site and more importantly if they update their website page, it will automatically update on your web page. It is not copying their page content to your web page ( as that would be wrong ) the software has been cleverly designed to show you what is on their LIVE page and if they update their page it will automatically update on your web page.

Its like a remote page viewer but with your URL at the top of the page. You will also be adding a separate call to action bar which overlays this pager with a link across to your affiliate product sales page. ..hence the content is about your product that you did not have to write and you get the benefit of having them read the article and then being inspired to click on your link.

So basically, you create a new web page on your wordpress site related to your product your trying to sell.

You may be selling Diet books. You would google the word ‘ 10 steps to loosing weight ‘  and look at the results and find a web page that you like related to that. Then create a web page on your site called ” 10  Steps to loosing weight ” and just save the page and add no content.

This is where the plugin comes into play. Go over to the dashboard and click on our Free Plugin in your dashboard – a  pop up box appears — then paste  the URL of the web page you found with the content you want to show, then enter call to action text to be shown on the banner BAR that will appear across the top or bottom of your page ( populated with the web page you found ) – ” Click here to get you diet plan ” and paste the link  of your affiliate product sales page or payment button and save.

When someone opens your NEW page –they see the content of the Googled site but with your page URL on your domain in the web bar address – and then across the page is a bar with the ‘call to action text ‘ that will drive sales to your affiliate page.

And finally, the other great thing about this plugin is that it retains the meta tags of the original web page so that it will help increase your SEO ratings of your website too.

You simply can’t go wrong to get FREE content for your website and a FREE call to action bar using this FREE plugin. — It is a Internet marketers dream not to be bogged down by creating unique content. You can get on with promoting other products quickly driving more potential sales to your business.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – grab this FREE plugin today before it is taken of the market.


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