How to Make Money with Clickbank in 2018 

Are you thinking about Promoting ClickBank Products in 2018 ?

Well this post is for you as we will be showing you exactly make money promoting ClickBank Products for easy quick profits in 2018

In this post I will be telling you about the selling Clickbank products using the ‘ Straight to Checkout Method ‘ developed from top marketer, Mark Bishop, which he has give me permission to share with you.

In his own words

ClickBank is a great place to find products to promote in all kinds of niches – many you probably never heard of. And you know what? Making money from little niches like those you’ll often find on ClickBank is actually pretty easy… Even if you are a newbie to  ‘Make Money Online’.

I’m going to expand a little today, on a couple of points.

The first one is Crappy Clickbank sales pages

Yeah I said Crappy, sorry but in many cases they are just that… many are bloody awful.
I started promoting Clickbank products back in 2010/11… and many of the sites and sales pages that existed back then are still there today.

The Good the Bad and the Very Ugly!

Now that’s a fact which is both good and bad

– Good because it demonstrates how evergreen some of these niches and products are.
– Bad because these sites look terrible which makes it harder for you and me to sell / promote them.

Plus: there is one other issue I will mention regarding the direct linking strategy… occasionally links get flagged as ending on a different page.

So what is the answer?
How can you make sure people buy more, and ensure you don’t get flagged (if you are using the direct linking method)?

Well this is one answer which I have developed.
Note: You can keep this as simple as you like, or go all out, it’s really up to you.

  • #1. I add a niche or product specific subdomain to one of my short, generic TLDs… I’ll explain why this is a cool trick in a moment.
  • #2. Then I put together my own version of the product sales page… this is the bit I am referring to when I say this can be as simple as you like. I won’t elaborate too much here (Instead I am putting together a short course with videos to explain the whole thing)

But yes… this can be as simple as cloning the site, making the changes you wish… changing the buy link and uploading to your sub domain.


Now the link bit may be puzzling you right?

So what I do is add my own direct to checkout link (with my affiliate link embedded)
– So when someone visits my sales page (which is really just me being an affiliate for another product)… In disguise. When they click the buy button they are taken directly to the order form/checkout… and when they buy I get credited as the affiliate.

Sneaky? Well I’d have to say no not really… all I am really doing is making over a sales page that the vendor really should have done already, in order to make my job (as an affiliate) for more rewarding.

Of course some will disagree… but that is their prerogative.

Now for the next step…

– So by direct linking to the order page using the special link you can now make sales, potentially a lot easier than you could before (for certain products). However this raises another very significant issue… which is COOKIES

Nope I don’t mean the cookie you dunk in your coffee, I mean the tracking cookie that drops your affiliate ID as the referral source when somebody visits a sales page via your affiliate link.
Because you are not using the typical affiliate link and going straight to checkout rather than to the vendors sales page, then that cookie never drops… And that’s bad news.

Bad News – Why?

Well because people often don’t buy straight away… but that cookie means when the do come back and purchase – you still receive the commission.

But, I have a solution to that as well lol. I have a little script which you simply need to add to your site header… take seconds to do and means you get cookied – even though your link takes then straight to the checkout.

Watch this quick video for a demo brought to you by Mark



Pretty cool right.

  • So now you can make a page look the way it should – so it sells
  • You’ll get cookied for future purchases
  • You’ll never get flagged for using a different landing page to your link (If you ae direct linking with the paid method I mentioned in the ClickBank PDF

Plus… and this is the cool thing I mentioned above


You will start to rank organically… yeah I even have proof (which I will be sharing)

So I guess all in all this has to be the ultimate spin on direct linking – sure there is a little bit of work to it… but it’s worth it.


CLICKBANK DIRECT TO CHECKOUT TRICK is a 17 page, step by step formula consisting of clear do-this-do-that instructions, Images and screen shots, 4 short instruction videos, the special (editable) Direct to Checkout Link as well as the header / body script.

My Formula enables you to:
[+] Spy on competitors using a ‘Free’ software… See which campaigns are working before you start
[+] Extract and use competitor’s best targeted keywords for any niche
[+] Easily see and use Competitors most profitable ad campaigns (so you can copy)
[+] Sell Clickbank products from a page you control that looks better than the vendor’s sales page (even though you are an affiliate)… yep many CB sales pages look terrible.
[+] Use a straight to checkout code in your button (Code included)
[+] Simple header script to ensure you get cookied (script included)
[+] Ensure you avoid getting flagged if you are using certain PPC methods


My Recommendation

Joanne Smith Marketing


This is a method I am personally using (you’ll see one of my projects)… and something I have put together myself… And I’m not going to charge you for it. If you’d like a FREE copy let me know in comments and or click the big  button below when the text above it says OPEN

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