How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing in 6 Easy Steps

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make online. For businesses, it is one of the most effective ways to promote their products. This article discusses the steps on how you can start earning from affiliate marketing.

  1. Choose the right niche

With billions of people browsing the internet, you may think that finding the best topic for affiliate marketing is easy. You can use so many tools to analyze trending topics. Indeed, it is but the hardest part is how to make it into a profitable one.

Choosing the right niche is crucial to the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. Select a niche that you can discuss based on your interests and knowledge. Although you can choose any niche, starting one which you know nothing about may cause you to fail.

Yes, you can spend countless hours of research. However, this will only cause you to waste time. It would be best to spend these hours into building your site, thus, consider your passion and knowledge in selecting your niche.

  1. Select the right product

Affiliate marketing is about promoting products and earning a commission from it. After establishing your niche, the next thing is to search the right product to promote.

Use a directory, which can help you analyze data on what products are good for your chosen niche. In choosing the product to promote, consider five important factors. These are

  • product value,
  • relevance,
  • commission,
  • conversion,
  • and cookie duration.
  1. Register an affiliate account

Two options are available in this step. You can join a merchant’s affiliate program. Alternatively, you can register in an affiliate network, such as

You can choose as many programs as you want. For a beginner, stick to one program first. Find out how it works. After earning from this program, start including other products relevant to your niche from other affiliate programs.

  1. Identify your keywords

Before publishing your site, enumerate the possible keywords related to your niche. Sometimes, writing content for your site is easier when you identify keywords first than inserting them later on after writing. Keywords help people find your pages. Place these keywords strategically in your content.

  1. Create your website

You cannot start implementing your affiliate plans without a site. A good affiliate website contains lots of information that convince people to click on your affiliate links.

Site creation is easier now than it was 10 years ago. With just a few clicks of your mouse and a little tweaking on your site settings, you can have your affiliate site up in less than an hour. You do not even need a certificate in web programming to make it successful, although a basic knowledge of web designing can help.

     5.1 Expert Help is at Hand:

Do you need someone to build your website ?

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  1. Drive traffic to your site

You affiliate marketing efforts are useless if no one visits your site. No visitor means no click on your affiliate links. No click means no profit. The last step is to drive traffic to your site. Many options and tools are available on the internet. Use social media to increase awareness of your site. Continue publishing useful information on your blog to increase authority.

    6.1 FREE Traffic Tip:

One of the best FREE ways to get traffic to your website blog product review page, is to create a 10min review video of the product you are promoting, insert it on your web page and then rank it with what is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This means you need to apply meta tags and keywords and a proper description to your web page and your video separately on YT so that Google’s bot will read it and then rank you against your competitors.

You could do this manually yourself, or pay someone to code it for you on Fiveer, but be warned it will take a number of weeks to, starting ranking and it may never actually get into the top 10 of google, because there are just too many of your competitors in the same niche and it can be quite expensive.

But what  if I could tell you that there was a way to rank your video in  a matter of hours in the top 10 ? I am not kidding, because new App has recently been launched that will take away all the hard work for you by quickly analyzing the post popular video meta tags that are being used by your competitors to rank their videos and you simply use this app to do a quick search for your product or niche keyword and save the results.


Watch this demo video below to see a recent case study I did that shows you how this worked for me and can work for you too!




Yes I Want To Rank My Videos In The Top 10 Fast – Get It Here

    6.1 Paid Traffic Tip:

In order to make sales on your affiliate product, you need to get as much traffic to view your product within your niche. Whether its a Amazon or Ebay physical product or a training course or solution to a problem from Clickbank or an App from JvZoo, you have to treat all these the same way. One of the fastest ways of getting traffic to pay for ads that will point potential buyers to your product review landing page ( or bridge page ) on your blog website with your sales ‘ get it now ‘ button on the page that will lead them to the vendors sales page. These ads can be paid for on

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Bing

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable business. However, be warned, it is not a get rich quick overnight business model ( no matter what the vendors sales pages say )  because it needs a lot of effort and time to reap the benefits. There are Many learning curves and there are many techniques not even mentioned above to make it even more rewarding. My advice to to pick a niche that you are most interested in and stick with that because if you start hopping around the place from topic to topic trying this and that, you will get over whelmed and give up. The reason I say, a niche you are interested in is because if you are not an ‘ expert’ at it yet, you can very easily become an expert by google ideas and watching other videos on YouTube about your niche. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of Free resources online to teach you on how to be an expert on your niche. You can Start Making Money from Home Today and more importantly, your buyers, need to feel as if you know more than them and that you are parting your knowledge to them. Remember they are jumping online,  because they just want some advice or a solution on how to make something that is causing them a problem better. That is the nuts and bolts of Affiliate marketing. You are there to provide them with solution to a problem. If you can tap into this and provide them with a ebook report they can read, or a piece of software, or even a physical product you reviewed that is soled on Amazon or ebay and they trust your expert help… there is no doubt that they will buy from you. And imagine if you could reach thousands of people online through FREE traffic methods, SEO or paid ads and get them to view your product review landing page then you will get the sales you so richly deserve.

Tip: How to create a product review video

In today’s busy world, everyone is looking and searching for content online to solve a problem and mostly on their smartphones, so it is hard to read reams of text on a small screen, so they prefer to watch video content instead.

Don’t panic when I tell you, that you have should create a video review – you can be brave and create a video by pointing the camera at you directly and just talking into the screen and recording yourself OR you can use a piece of software called Camtasia to record your screen with or without the camera turned on — this will be what they call over the shoulder case studies or over the shoulder video reviews where you just record your screen and talk about what your are doing on the screen.

You can then upload the video through Camtasia itself to your YouTube video account and/or save it locally and upload the file yourself to other video sharing sites if you want. Another idea is to use a FREE program called Screen O Matic to record your screen however, personally I prefer Camtasia because you can edit the video by removing any mistakes and then saving it before uploading. And lastly, you can also create a power point presentation with text slides and simply record those into a video as well, by just reading the text on the slides and creating a video that way too!




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