How I Gain 1,260 Instagram Followers Per Week


Do you want to be instafamous?

Well, who doesn’t?

Over the last few months, I’ve been running several Instagram experimentations and I’ve eventually figured out how to grow my Instagram following.

My Neil Patel detail has grown up by 1,260 adherents per week.

follower growth

And I know what you are thinking … Neil, you are already well known, this can’t be replicated by anyone else.


Well , is not simply did we test such a strategy out on my chart, but we also did it on 2 other profiles.

It uses no matter what industry you are in. Heck, it runs even better if you aren’t in B2B like me.

Just look at Dhavalilama . His likes per image have been growing by really working the heart trick, which I will interpret in a bit, and he isn’t using my entirety approach. :/

So, how do you gain more Instagram followers each week without spending money?

Tip# 1: Instagram wants long videos

You’ve heard everyone say that you need to upload videos. Social systems like Instagram aren’t only emulating with other social networks, they are competing with traditional media and even firms like Netflix for your attention.

If you upload videos, you’ll find that you’ll get more engagement than if you only upload images.

But the key isn’t to only upload any video … it ideally needs to be engaging and long.

By long I am not talking about a 60 -second video, I’m talking minutes. You’ll have to leverage IGTV for this, but that’s what they miss as not sufficient people are using that feature.

Hence, if you use IGTV, they’ll push your video more.

That course when someone is watching a 5-minute video you just announced, they’ll be able to watch the firstly 60 seconds on their feed and then they’ll be propagandized over to IGTV.

All you have to do is upload the video to IGTV and select the” post a preview” option.


What this does is, it uploads the video to IGTV and then too promotes the video through your feed.

Just look at this video that I exclusively posted on IGTV.


It had 236 ends before writing this blog post.

When I posted that video, I had 9,078 partisans, which means I had an engagement rate of 2.59%.

Now if you look at this video that I posted…


It had 2,971 considers before writing this blog post.

When I announced that video I had 21,047 followers, which conveys I had an engagement rate of 14. 11%.

What’s crazy is, that one simple change increased my video participation by 444%.

Tip# 2: Ask and you will receive

Instagram’s algorithm is simple … the more views and likes your videos and idols receive, the more parties will see them, which raises engagement and your adherent tally over time.

There’s not too much more to the algorithm.

Of course, they are looking at things like what percentage of your adherents actually employ … but still, the algorithm from a conceptual perspective is simple.

So, have you thought about asking for parties to “like” your idol?

Now with Instagram, beings are using it via their cell phone so it’s more of a “double tap” than a like … but you get the point.

On average, when I announce an persona on Instagram I can render 945.6 likes.

Here’s an example of one of those portraits 😛 TAGEND

neil patel quote

And as you can see from the booking, that one did better than most of my portraits as it has over 1,000 likes.

Plus, the messaging resonates with a lot of people.

But here is one that is simple…

double tap

I just asked beings to “double tap” if they need to improve their video skills.

It didn’t take much imagination to come up with that portrait and it received 1,441 likes. In other terms, it induced 51.96% more engagement.

You should give it a try … I tend to use this tactic a few times a month and it makes really well.

Just be careful though, “if youre using” it every day or every week, people will get sick of it and it will stop working. Hence, I merely use it a few times a month max.

Tip# 3: Go live

Did I previously mention that Instagram is competing with video structures and Netflix?

Because of that, what kind of content do you think they demand more of?

Well, yes they demand more video content, but we already talked about that.

They want more live content.

Think … actuality TV.

Now the live material you grow doesn’t have to be like Keeping up with the Kardashians … they just want live content that people are looking forward to viewing.

You know how you will tune into shows like American Idol or the latest soccer or football match because it’s live and you want to see what’s happening in real period? That’s the effect Instagram is hoping for with live content.

Now, when you go live, Instagram is promoting it heavily so you’ll get more witness. It doesn’t matter what you talk about … they just want to see more people go live.

Every time I be living, I am able to get at least 1,000 opinions. Only look at the live I merely did…


In the first 6 hours, it’s already received 718 views and I did this live period on a Sunday during non-peak hours. Within the first 24 hours, it will readily outdo 1000 views.

In other words, be living! It’s a simple and speedy mode to grow your following counting. Ideally, you should be going live on a weekly basis.

Heck, you can’t go live too much … feel free to go live daily.

Gratuity# 4: Respond to comments

This one is simple, but no one really does it.

Social networks are supposed to be social. That means you should participate.

And no, I am not talking about merely liking other images and viewing videos. I’m talking about engaging with beings and talking to them.

So, when you like something that someone else posts, leave a comment.

And when someone foliages a comment on one of your posts … what do you think you should do?

You should respond to them with a comment.

Now, let’s look at some of my berths for a minute. You’ll visualize decent involvement, but more so, you’ll ensure me being very active.


Just look at all of my responses.

By engaging with people, you’re more likely to build a relationship with these individuals, which realizes it more likely that they will back and continually engage with your posts.

Tip-off# 5: The mind joke

Alright, are you ready for the heart trick? You know, the one Dhavalilama has been using to boost his like count by 300%.

The concept is simple, but it will take a bit of clevernes to implement.

A part of Instagram’s algorithm is how much engagement you get from other Instagram users within the first hour of you posting anything.

Now, I’ve done a lot of tests with this … if you can get Instagram customers “whos had” more followers than you to like your image or video where reference is first departs live you’ll find that your material is much more likely to show up on the disclosure page.

From a lot of testing, here’s what seems to be the most effective 😛 TAGEND

Get beings with bigger following details to like your image or video within the firstly hour it comes out. Request them to not like anything else within that hour. We’ve found that if they like too many portraits or videos it doesn’t work. And if they are feeling extra charitable, have them leave a comment.

The heart trick isn’t that complex, but it is hard to implement because you have to convince users who are more popular than you to like your content privilege when you publish.

And ideally, you are required to 6 people who have gigantic reports( the bigger the better ), for this to work extremely well.

Tip# 6: Create multiple narrations each day

What do Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Grant Cardone have in common?

Well, other than the fact that they all have over a million Instagram followers…

They all affix one tonne of tales per day.

And when I entail a ton, sometimes they are posting over 20 tales a era … literally.

The more stories you post, the more engagement you’ll create, which will to be translated into more followers.

Just look at the stats from the storeys I time announced 😛 TAGEND

story instagram

I can make over 1,000 scenes within 8 hours of affixing a storey and generally in the range of 1,600 to 2,000 attitudes within 24 hours.

The same fib 23 hours later received 1870 views.

story 23 hours

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to maximize floors 😛 TAGEND

Don’t post all of your stories at once, spread them out throughout the day. This will start beings to keep coming back and involving with your profile. Consume a combination of both personas and videos within your narrations. Overall, you’ll find that videos cause more booking. The more tales you publish, the better off you are. Lend tallies to your tales, this also aids improve involvement.


Tip# 7: Quality substances

Have you noticed that some portraits get more likes than others? Or particular videos get more commitment?

Instagram is a visual social network. So the visual fraction is important … you require your idols and videos to look great no matter what.

Now, they don’t have to be perfect, but you do want to make sure you are announcing likeness that people enjoy.

Here’s what I mean…

When you look at my sketch, you’ll picture a ton of epitomes of me that consists of quotes.

instagram profile

Some of those likeness accomplish really well, while others don’t. For example, every time I announce a quotation exercising this image template…

bad template

It comes 21.4% less involvement then when I use this template…

good template

Keep track of what your admirers like and don’t like. Post more of what they like and stop announcing the stuff that has low-grade engagement.

Tip-off# 8: Measure, assessment, exam

Speaking of affixing more of what your adherents like and less of what they don’t, you need to constantly test.

Even though character problems, when you are testing you shouldn’t aim for perfection. Just aim for speed.

Once you got something that parties like, do more of it.

For example, I expect people to doubled sound as I has spoken about in tip-off number 2 because I learned it through testing.

heart tap

Here are some other things I’ve learned through testing 😛 TAGEND

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication- beings elevate clean personas that are simple. Operation bright colorings- images that are darker, such as night photography don’t perform as well. Substitution things up- if you do the same thing every week you’ll find your involvement starting to drop. Person want to get to know you- they don’t want to get to know the Photoshop version of you. Be realistic and personal. Connect with your admirers. Filters don’t matter- don’t waste too much time modifying or adjusting your epitomes. Little things like filters don’t realize the biggest difference. Hashtags aren’t game changing- I know everyone says you have to use hashtags and you should here and there … but they aren’t game-changing. So don’t spam and use 20 hashtags per epitome you affixed. And when you do use them, pick relevant and favourite ones. You can use Ubersuggest to figure out what keywords are popular. Apply Instagram analytics- it tell me something when your partisans are online so you know when to post. If you post when they are online you’ll get much more participation.

A good example of a test I’ve run is when I pole on my feed. As you can see from my stats…


My adherents are most likely to be on Instagram at 9am. So I try to post around that time, which has helped me get 8.41% more likes per image.

Every little bit adds up!


You don’t have to spend money on ads to grow your Instagram following. If you follow the gratuities above, you’ll do well and find that you can grow your weekly following counting by over 1,000 net brand-new followers each week.

Now, I know you may not want to use Instagram because it doesn’t have your “ideal” audience, but you can drive transitions from Instagram.

For example, when I travelled live on Instagram and I told the audience to check out my ad authority Neil Patel Digital, I was able to generate 2 leads.

Neither of the pass were model clients, but it is a numbers game. If I persistently get it on I will be able to generate clients.

In the past, I have closed 3 administers from Instagram … one compensate $120,000, the other paid $1,000, 000, and the last paid $300,000.

They were all consulting sequences, so I had substantial costs associated with the revenue, but it had indicated that Instagram does work.

Heck, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be back on Instagram again( this is my 3rd profile, I no longer use the other 2 ).

You can also use the swipe up feature to drive people to your area and this will help you generate heads and sales.

So, what do you think about Instagram? Are you exerting it on a daily basis?

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