Forum Marketing: How To Write Effective Posts

How to write Effective posts

In this article I am going to give you 3 tips on how you can write really effective posts when forum marketing. An effective post is one that builds upon your credibility in that niche and provides a reason for people to click on your signature link – so that you can build your list.

Having a link in your signature is a great way to promote yourself and offer something for free to encourage people to join your list. So the more visibility you get to your signature the better.

Here are some ways to increase traffic to your posts and therefore get more views to your signature.

1. Offer Helpful Advice

People using forums are there because they want to learn how to do something better or learn how to do something from scratch. Therefore if you can offer helpful advice and tips on how to improve something in your niche then you will get a lot of people reading your post.

Always aim to write something of value and help to others whenever you write anything on the forum.

2. Add Posts To Question Threads

Often people will post a question on a forum hoping to get lots of helpful information. This is the ideal place for you to add your comment and if you can be the very first person with the answer to the question then everyone who looks at that question afterwards will also see your reply and helpful answer.

This is a great way to build your credibility. Especially if you are always the very first person to reply to any questions asked!

3. Encourage Interaction With Your Posts

Whenever you add comments on the forum try to engage others by asking questions yourself. Not questions about hoe to do something in your niche but questions about how other people are doing, what they are working on, what do they enjoy most about that topic, etc. Basically questions that encourage interaction.

When you post comments like this you must make sure that you go back to the thread and remain active so that you can then become involved in the interactive discussion. This is a great way to build relationship with people on the forum.

When people see you as being involved and helpful they will be far more likely to read your signature and find out what else you have to offer them help on.





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