Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks 2018

On today’s episode we’re talking all about Facebook advertising, and I’m sharing 5 of my absolute best tips and tricks that have been responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars in my client’s campaigns…

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, it’s important that you understand the reason these things are so effective is because they’re routed in strategy and basic marketing principles and fundamentals.

That means that what we are going to cover is not only going to apply to your Facebook advertising, but also any YouTube ads, or to email marketing, or to any other pay-per-click, or direct response, or even content marketing…because the strategies and principles are all grounded in really solid research, and the way that humans make buying decisions.

So, I just got back from a trip to a little town called Julian in California, which is about an hour/hour and a half outside of downtown San Diego.

Now in Julian they’re famous for a couple different pie shops and we ended up at Apple Alley, where the lineup was out the door, and it took a really long time to get a piece of pie, but that’s part of the marketing, and the pie was absolutely phenomenal.

In fact, some of the best apple pie I’ve ever had, but the reason that we ended up choosing this one was because, not only did it have a ton of reviews, and there was a ton of people talking about how good it was, but also that line-up out the door signified that this place was worth waiting for.

That is the power of social proof, and one of the key things that you’ll want to leverage in your Facebook advertising.

Basically, the principle of social proof says that what other people like, you’re probably going to like too.

In the case of a Facebook ad, what this means is you want to create one ad ideally, and leverage the social proof anytime you’re creating new ad sets or new campaigns, by going to the page post and using that ad rather than creating new ads from scratch.

And that’s going to lead us nicely into point number 2: When you’re creating your Facebook ads, you’re going to want to increase the engagement on that ad.

Not only to others looking at the ad that “this is worth interacting with”, but also to Facebook.

Right now, Facebook is prioritizing engagement on their ads.

They want to see people engaging with the content, sharing it, liking it, writing comments, and having a conversation, which will keep people on the Facebook platform as long as possible, which is going to help Facebook, and they will show your ad to more people for less money.

Next, the way to do this is to write your ad in a casual and really conversational way.

The best way to write conversational ad copy is to have a conversation. Have a friend ask you questions about your business and record the answers on your phone, then transcribe it, and you’ve got the basis for some pretty good copy.

Tell a story if you can, make it relatable, and don’t be afraid to include some emotion into the ad copy.

The next thing we need to do is focus in on our targeting, and who we’re trying to put this perfect ad in front of.

That comes down to leveraging look-alike audiences.

All a look-alike audience is, is a customer/client list, or traffic from your website or email list, uploading that to Facebook, and then telling Facebook to go out there and find you more people just like that.

The final piece of the puzzle is finding the perfect image for your ad.

So when you’re trying to find that perfect image, You want to make sure that it captures attention, but it also tells a story.

If you need a bit of help finding the perfect image for your Facebook ad, I’ve put together a free guide, which you can download at AdamErhart.com/FBImage,

Alright, let’s recap. Number one, you want to make sure to leverage social proof whenever possible, by using the same ad across all of your different ad campaigns and ad sets.

Next, you want to do everything you can to increase engagement, because engagement is what tells Facebook that this ad is really valuable, people are liking seeing it, and they’re going to interact with the content.

Next, you want to remember to write your ad with a conversational tone.

Next, you want to do everything in your power to quickly build up, and then leverage look-alike audiences.

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Also, make sure to tell me in the comments below, which tip you found the most valuable, and which one you’re going to deploy first in your Facebook ad campaigns.

Thanks so much for joining me again, and I’ll catch you next time on the Modern Marketing Show.

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