Create Your Own Software Based Products DigiiBiz ( review )

This is my review of a New Cloud Based App that has been launched called DigiiBiz from Top Marketer, Mark Bishop.


We all know, as affiliate marketers selling digital goods that it very important to have a FREE bonus to add value to the product your are selling. With this cloud based APP ( you do not need a website ), it allows you to simply login and create your own downloadable digital product to giveaway for FREE.


good news



  • Create Digital Products: in 60 seconds
  • Create Plugins: 100’s to choose from
  • Turn Any Webpage: Into a PDF
  •  Sales Page Templates: All included
  •  100% Newbie Friendly: Cloud based


Mark has developed a Cloud Based App especially for Affiliate Marketers to be able to create their very own digital product as a plugin or PDF Based Product with a few clicks, to sell or give away for free as a lead magnate to create your list.



In Just 60 Seconds, Create Software & PDF Based Products. This APP enables users to create software and PDF products in minutes (Suitable for complete Newbies)… the whole thing can be done in 5 simple steps



Are Turning Simple Little PDFs into $1000s in Affiliate Commission

We do this ourselves in our own business & so can you.
PDFs grow your list and they can fill your Bank Account with Affiliate commissions like this…

How does it work ?

Login and Create a New Campaign and choose either a Plugin or PDF option.


How To Create a Plugin

This example will show how to get a free plugin to use as a Lead Magnate.



Step 1: Login, choose plugin and give the plugin and Name


New Campaign



Step 2: Next type in a ‘Keyword’ and Click ‘ Search ‘ and a number of WP plugins related to that keyword will populate the dashboard and choose which one you want to use.





Step 3: Included within the app are professionally designed pre made editable Templates /Page builder. There is also a tab for ‘ Start from Scratch ‘ if you want to do it yourself. This is a great option as it allows you the freedom of designing your very own squeeze page. Everything is hosted on their servers so you do not have to worry about a domain name or buying hosting.






Step 4: Choose a template to edit


page builder



Step 5: Simply click the Publish Button





Step 6: Your Campaign is ready to promote



Ready to promote



Step 7: There are a number of options available – Download the page in HTML format, download the product, or Edit the Thank you page or get the share link.



The Thank you page



Get Link to share


share link


n Just 60 Seconds


How To Create a PDF

This example will show how to get a free PDF of your blog ( or someone else blog or page ) and use it as a Lead Magnate.

Step 1: Login, choose PDF option and then go over to you blog and copy the URL and paste in the URL Box (( there is a FACEBOOK option but that is not available on the base package it is an up-sell ))



<a href='' target='_blank'>pdf</a>



Step 2:  Click next and choose from 3 options – Full Page PDF  or Edit page or Specific Parts.





Step 3: If you choose FULL PAGE EDIT — it will bring in the whole blog and what is really great is that is that any links you have on the blog will be fully active on the PDF. This means if someone opens the PDF on their computer to read it, all they have to do is click on the links and they will automatically open in the designated URL. Thus if you monetize the BLOG they PDF will also be fully monetized too.



<a href='' target='_blank' data-recalc-dims=pdf links" width="524" height="280" srcset=" 524w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 524px) 100vw, 524px" />



Note:  If you want to create a PDF out of blog you have not written, you can do that too, you simply copy and paste the blog URL and then choose the ‘ Edit page ‘ option. – the page editor will open up






Step 4: You can click on any part of the page and edit the text and replace it with your own and more importantly you will also be also to click on any buttons or text links and replace them with your own affiliate urls to drive the traffic to your own approved product affiliate links.



url link



Step 5: Publish — you can save it directly as a PDF to download and use yourself ( OR you can also use the same landing page template as shown on the Plugin demo above.)



This is the Dashboard for Publish myself option — the hosted landing page and thank you page ICONS are not a available. –



published <a href='' target='_blank' data-recalc-dims=PDF" width="581" height="272" srcset=" 581w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 581px) 100vw, 581px" />



Step 6: Download Your PDF

Note: You can use this PDF with monetized links can be used to drive traffic and make sales. This PDF can be shared as you like on FB or Google or Twitter or in an email campaign.



<a href='' target='_blank'>PDF</a>





Main Features:


In Conclusion:

DigiiBiz is perfect for marketers who really need to create a digital product is use as a FREE giveaway fast without having to resort to buying PLR products and setting up expensive websites.

But what is even better is that if you are just starting out and do not have enough funds for hosting your own website and buying all the complicated software plugins to create professional looking Opt in pages and thank you pages with a download button to deliver the FREE product…this is perfect for you as a newbie to quickly starting building your list fast by doing everything on their cloud based server.

All you need is to create the plugin or your monetized PDF and then copy the link and promote it on your social media accounts. Then you can drive MORE sales to your list and build upon this and start finally earning a passive income through the affiliate products you are reviewing and promoting branded to you.



This makes a PERFECT addition for those who have already purchased the BLOX method where you use a free lead magnate ( using this software ) to promote another affiliate product – there is a little more to it than that, so do take a look and see how it actually works.

I would strongly advise you in order to get 300% more value out of DigiiBiz to most definitely also purchase The  BLOX method today as well!!









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