How to get access to ‘Clickbank Straight to Checkout Trick’
If you have not already read the post about selling Clickbank products using the Straight to Checkout Trick, this page will make little sense. Please read the blog post here first



Hi and thank you for the overwhelming interest in top Marketer, Mark Bishop’s training  ‘Clickbank Straight to Checkout Trick‘.

Niche Marketing was where it all began for Mark….( and myself )

In his words, ” I can still remember the day I started sending traffic to my new site and finding out 2 hours later that I’d made over $100 profit while I’d been watching TV.  And the product I promoted then (and still do) are listed on ClickBank “.

ClickBank is fully loaded with products covering just about every niche you can think of… but let’s be honest; some of those sales pages are ugly and don’t convert.

Direct linking is becoming harder to do (because affiliate link is different to destination link)… Plus in order to profit quickly you need to follow a plan.

Which is why I decided to put this together


CLICKBANK DIRECT TO CHECKOUT TRICK is a 17 page & step by step formula consisting of clear do-this-do-that instructions, Images and screen shots, 4 short instruction videos, the special (editable) Direct to Checkout Link as well as the header / body script.

Formula enables you to

[+] Spy on competitors using a ‘Free’ software… See which campaigns are working before you start

[+] Extract and use competitor’s best targeted keywords for any niche

[+] Easily see and use Competitors most profitable ad campaigns (so you can copy)

[+] Sell Clickbank products from a page you control that looks better than the vendor’s sales page (even though you are an affiliate)… yep many CB sales pages look terrible.

[+] Use a straight to checkout code in your button (Code included)

[+] Simple header script to ensure you get cookied (script included)

[+] Ensure you avoid getting flagged if you are using certain PPC methods


This is a method that top marketer, Mark Bishop uses (you’ll see one of his projects)… and something he has put together himself.


And, No I won’t be charging you for it either… but I won’t be just giving it away willy-nilly either. You see if I just give this training away without any commitment on your part the likelihood is you will not see the value in it and therefore do nothing with it.

So this will be your commitment (If you accept it)

In order to receive full access to the ‘CLICKBANK DIRECT TO CHECKOUT TRICK ‘ training course for for no charge, I will ask you to purchase one very cool product through my link below… In total it will cost you around $9.95 (I understand that $9.95 may be too much for some – but that’s the deal here)

Purchasing this product through me is your commitment… and doing so will get you access to CLICKBANK DIRECT TO CHECKOUT TRICK  training (which as you’ll soon see is better than most training products currently selling for $67 plus)

This product is called …

#1. Stealth Commissions

Full details of the product, what it does and all the links can be found here: Click Here

There are no exceptions… ‘CLICKBANK DIRECT TO CHECKOUT’  is the real deal… I use this myself.

And NO you can’t buy this training, or get it from someone else, so this is the only way you will be able to get access. (for the reasons stated above)


What The Heck Is Stealth Commissions ?


FREE Traffic Method Ranks You Page #1 of

Stealth Commissions
Now You Can Get Easy PayPal Commissions On Demand… Even If You Have No Experience, No Email List, No Website And No Money For Paid Traffic … And Be A
“Super Affiliate” Who Crushes Leaderboards Every Time!

This is the most complete system for making money promoting other people’s products that you’ve ever seen…  We solve the BIG problem that almost all affiliate marketers face…  …building a list WHILE you promote other peoples’ products.

Stealth Commissions is a short, to-the-point Video & PDF Training where you literally peer over my shoulders and watch me:
  • Create simple videos
  • Unleash them on YouTube so they invade and occupy page 1
  • Dominate YouTube to make instant cash commissions


Access to Clickbank Straight to Checkout Trick will be delivered instantly after purchasing the product mentioned above. To access simply go to your purchase area in JvZoo, Click the bonus link and the page containing your full training will open instantly.